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We provide customised products & services for a wide range of uses or modify/personalize things you bring. Uses:  -gifts -events -home &  office decoration -signage -awards, plaques & trophies -tags -prototyping -industrial parts & marking -panels -others. We define ourselves by what we do rather than the end product. We do graphic design, cut, join, engrave and print which results in a large variety of possible end products. In short, we do all kinds of custom works to meet your needs.

Customers include individuals, companies from all sectors, government agencies and others.

Whether a single piece order or hundreds of thousands, we will be happy to assist with your needs.

This site showcase examples of work that we have done or can do. The site is not a shopping site, contact us to let us know your needs so that we can give a price. If you have something in mind, even if not specifically mentioned on this site, please do ask – who knows, we may actually be able to do it and just haven’t had a photo posted up yet.

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