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Direct Individualized Full Colour Print on Objects or Signs

20 Jan

We have the ability to print directly onto objects with a flat surface in full colour and even on single piece basis. In other words, you can bring your own item to be printed onto!


Above examples starting from top left:

Stainless steel plate printed to serve as a wall plaque – with white also being printed

Writing Notebook printed with customer’s design

Box printed with individualized logo without white being printed.

For the last picture the items are power banks. On 1 side the logo of the gifting Company (Google) is printed. On the other side, each item is personalized with the logo of the receiving company.

Prints were done directly onto the object and is possible to print up to photo quality

Depending on the quality of the original artwork and the material/finishing of the object clarity can be very high. As an example, in the photograph below, we zoom in on the “TM” of the logo which is barely over 1mm wide.

Direct Print Clarity







The print can be printed in embossed form as shown below.

Flat vs Embossed Direct Print on Object










This printing method has the ability to print a white base. In other words, the method can be used to print on clear, transparent or dark surfaces. Printing on clear and transparent surfaces without the white base will produce a see through look.


Acrylic Plaque

29 Jul

Metal & Wood Plaque

15 May

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Can be hung on wall or desktop standing Metal front, Wooden back.

Usually used for print and display of Certificates and News Articles, but c-an also be used as a Photo Display.

Other option: adding an epoxy bubble coat


You may also want to have art services to enhance the look of your article or certificate. Please click here.


Display Box

3 May

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acrylic boxBox cost is dependant on size and any add on features the customer may have. An economy option is also available where we supply the customer with the individual pre-cut panels and the customer assembles and glue Do-It-Yourself basis.

Economical Custom Plaques

12 Apr

Plaque Economical Custom

above is based on 5mm thickness for each layer

from the front its approximate 11 x 15 cm

This combination is mainly to enable custom made plaque at economical budgets

reducing from double to single lowest costs slightly

Available shapes are from the standards ones which can be seen amongst those in this 2 pages

fully custom shape will have a custom fee for the first piece

“Crystal” Trophies/Plaques

6 Mar



Height: 180mm

$90 each



8” diameter

$107 each



Height: 205mm

$100 each



Height: 185, 170 & 160mm

$100, $90 & $80 each



Height: 160cm

$90 each



Height: 105cm

$73 each

Heart Shape Crystal

Heart Shape crystal trophy

$81 each

130 x 130mm

Prices in SGD

No GST will be charged

Includes basic text

subject to stock and price confirmation

self-collect basis, deliveries separate cost.

Transparent Plaque – Heart

21 Jan

Click on image for larger view, and click browser return button to return here.Trans Heart Plaque

(Suitable for personal or business use depending on shape and images used)

Acrylic Plaque with Transparent Print Sandwiched Inside.

Engraved with text and designs.

Standard designs are shown as A to F, each design has option 1 or 2 for direction faced. Designs can be omitted.

Text can be in place of designs or on the vertical body.

Text engraved on base (black portion, horizontal) can be an add-on.

Logos can be an add-on.

Custom designs can be an add-on.

Custom shape of plaque can be an add-on.


Desktop Holder

28 Dec

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a) placing namecards,
b) incoming letters and notes holder,
c) desktop sign/display or
d) paper weight
Made from acrylic, text and logo are engraved.
namecard & letter holder

Acrylic Panel Photo, Sign or Plaque

19 Nov

The panel can be made as various shapes and sizes. They can be used for a wide range of purposes

The example below of the beautiful girl in sunglasses, is table top standing and the one on the right is if mounted on a wall.

Acrylic Panel PhotoWall mounted version can also be made into multiple panel where the picture can be

a) 1 picture split across multiple panels

b) different pictures on different panels

c) same picture but different variations of it on different panels similar to the Andy Warhol type of artistic works

This item can be used for many different purposes depending on content printed in it, such as award/certificate plaque, indoor sign, interior decoration, gift item etc


The example above also included artistic works to modify a hand phone captured photo.More information on the designing process can be found here :  Art

Indoor sign with spacer screw:

indoor acrylic sign wall mount

Indoor sign without spacer screw:

IMG_3370 copy

Etch, Cut, Colour Fill, Plate Metal

21 Aug

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Etched Stainless Steel

Text and Logo is etched (engraved) into metal (in this case shiny finish stainless steel). The etched colour is due to removal of the surface metal to expose the metal beneath. As the metal beneath is the same but no longer mirror finished, its matt texture gives it its whitish colour in contrast to the shiny background.

Colour Fill

WApartment Unit Number Letter Box Taghere the customer needs colours in the tag or sign, it is possible to etch deeper and then fill colours into the grooves. For the tag with numbers, hairlined stainless steel was used. The tag was used as to show the apartment unit number on a letterbox.

Stainless Steel Cut & EtchCut Through

Going yet deeper into the metal we will in effect cut through the metal. The stainless steel bookmark example is to show a mix of etch & cut through.

Other areas of usage other than shown in the samples, includes control panels, plaques & trophies, gift labels etc


Basic Trophy – Star – Print, Plastic Body with Paint Coat and Wooden Base

12 Jul

Medals n Others

11 Jun