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Mark on Watch Back

20 Jan

Mark on Watch Back


Engrave on Perfume Bottle

20 Jan

Engrave on

Direct Individualized Full Colour Print on Objects or Signs

20 Jan

We have the ability to print directly onto objects with a flat surface in full colour and even on single piece basis. In other words, you can bring your own item to be printed onto!


Above examples starting from top left:

Stainless steel plate printed to serve as a wall plaque – with white also being printed

Writing Notebook printed with customer’s design

Box printed with individualized logo without white being printed.

For the last picture the items are power banks. On 1 side the logo of the gifting Company (Google) is printed. On the other side, each item is personalized with the logo of the receiving company.

Prints were done directly onto the object and is possible to print up to photo quality

Depending on the quality of the original artwork and the material/finishing of the object clarity can be very high. As an example, in the photograph below, we zoom in on the “TM” of the logo which is barely over 1mm wide.

Direct Print Clarity







The print can be printed in embossed form as shown below.

Flat vs Embossed Direct Print on Object










This printing method has the ability to print a white base. In other words, the method can be used to print on clear, transparent or dark surfaces. Printing on clear and transparent surfaces without the white base will produce a see through look.

Event On Site Engraving

20 Jan
Engraving Services at Your Location

Engraving Services at Your Location

Engrave on Zippo Lighter

20 Jan

Engrave Chinese Text (logo) on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)


Engrave Text on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)

Engrave Text on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)

Engrave Mechanical Pencil

3 Dec
Engrave Logo

Engrave Logo

Rotating Engraving

13 Aug

Rotating Engrave

This particular example makes use of a rotating mechanism that allows the engraving to follow the rounded shape of the glass from left to right. What this means is that a larger area (left to right) is engraveable.  However, we can only rotate along 1 axis (left to right), so the increase in size is also in the same direction.  This is perfectly fine for cylindrical or near cylindrical shapes such as the engraved area on the glass shown. However, if the shape is that of a ball where it curves not only left to right but top to bottom as well, we cannot reach the top and bottom areas. Using a world globe as an example, we will be able to engrave along 1 circle, say for example along the equator of the globe. But the further away from the equator, the less likely we would be able to engrave on it.

Mark / Personalize Box and Packaging

14 Jun
Mark Box

Mark Box

Engrave on Notebook, Tablet Computers & Accesories

2 May

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Engrave on Anodized Aluminium

27 Mar

Engrave on Anodised Aluminium Casing

The “I” “O” are solid engraving whereas the  gradient effect of the logo is by spacing of the engraving. The sports bottle, the dragon motif is engraved, the logo is not part of the engraving.

Engrave Pool Balls

14 Dec

Pool Balls

Customer brought along his own pool set upon which we engraved symbols, logo and text on the individual pool balls.


Tatoo & Other Stencil

1 Dec

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Tattoo StencilCustomer brought along their own material
We assisted with the conversion of the art for stenciling purposes and cut the material into stencils
These stencils are used by the customer for the air brushing of temporary tatoos

Serial Number Engraving on Printed Circuit Board

24 Nov

The photo has been enlarged by about 8 times.

The serial numbers are engraved on the PCBs.

Hot Stamp Ribbon

24 Nov

Ribbons Hot Stamp with Metallic Gold Colour


Engraved Handle for Glass Door

21 Nov

Customer’s Pre-existing Double Panel Glass Door Fitted with Custom Cut and Engraved Stainless Steel Handle using Customer’s Logo.

Glass Door Handle

Engrave Glass, Bottle, Wine etc

19 Nov

Move cursor over picture to see captions, left click to see larger image (click browser’s back button to return here).


Whisky Glass:  A  logo was created for customer using customer provided reference picture.  More on the art service that was done can be seen by clicking here

Sandblast Chalice

20 Oct

Sandblasting used to engrave on gold plated chalice

In this particular example, the customer wanted the text to be beneath the chalice and circling the base

Colour fill acrylic

2 Oct

Deep engrave acrylic and colour fill

Etch, Cut, Colour Fill, Plate Metal

21 Aug

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Etched Stainless Steel

Text and Logo is etched (engraved) into metal (in this case shiny finish stainless steel). The etched colour is due to removal of the surface metal to expose the metal beneath. As the metal beneath is the same but no longer mirror finished, its matt texture gives it its whitish colour in contrast to the shiny background.

Colour Fill

WApartment Unit Number Letter Box Taghere the customer needs colours in the tag or sign, it is possible to etch deeper and then fill colours into the grooves. For the tag with numbers, hairlined stainless steel was used. The tag was used as to show the apartment unit number on a letterbox.

Stainless Steel Cut & EtchCut Through

Going yet deeper into the metal we will in effect cut through the metal. The stainless steel bookmark example is to show a mix of etch & cut through.

Other areas of usage other than shown in the samples, includes control panels, plaques & trophies, gift labels etc


Mark Lava Lamp

17 Aug

Engrave on paint coated aluminium base of lava lamp

and stain black

Engrave Leather

2 Jul

Engraving done on synthetic leather and on real leather. Colour depends on the material engraved – what is the colour of the material beneath the engraved surface, and the material’s reaction to engraving.

Mark on Stainless Steel

26 Jun

Cocktail Shakerknife

Above we used a chemcial bonding process to mark the stainless steel items, using a chemical compound and a laser. The mark is much stronger than normal printing. It requires abrasive actions such as grinding to remove the mark.  We have tested a sample by soaking in turpentine and in thinner with no effect on the mark. A micro-torch was also used to burn the mark directly for a short while with no effect on the mark.

Below is directly laser marking on the stainless steel without a chemical bonding agent. Its a reaction of the metal itself to laser. It requires a test for the suitability of the metal. Even if the item is stainless steel it still needs to be tested as there are a variety of stainless steel. The mark can only be removed if you remove a layer of the steel by grinding away the steel.

laser engrave stainless steel

laser engrave stainless steel