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14 Jun

Duo Ply Plastic Colours

3 May

Duo Ply Material are for making of signs and tags of various sizes and shapes. It works on the basis of engraving away the top layer (a colour) to reveal a 2nd layer (a 2nd colour). Colours available are below – subject to stock.

DuoPly Plastic


Metallic Plate / Tag Optional Epoxy Bubble Coat

3 Jan

Metallic Finish Tag
– Gold Metal Hairline look on top
– Black on layer beneath metal finish
– Engraving lets the black show through
– Great for Tag on trophies, frames, name tags etc
– Various Sizes and Shapes (photo is 5×5.7cm) including customised irregular shape
– Also available in silver, matt and other non-metal colours

Metal Finish Tag

Below picture demonstrates another cutting in a different shape and also without (left) and with epoxy coat option (right).

duo ply metallic hairline vs epoxy

Below is using real metal and the black is paint filled


Door Sign

27 Nov

The signs are laser engraved and cut in other shapes and sizes and have a range of colours to chose from

The content can be a room name, title or whatever you like.

The material is actually 2 layers of plastic. Each layer has its own colour. The upper layer when engrave lets the lower layer appear.  Text, symbols and logos can be engraved. Text can be engraved with a wide variety of fonts.

The 1st example has a sliding bar below for easy changing of the tag. It can also be used as an indicator bar, for example in or out, occupied or available.

The sign in its most basic form will be like in the 2nd photo. Most of the time, customers chose to simply choose to stick it onto the door.

Can also be used for wall signs and tags

Etch, Cut, Colour Fill, Plate Metal

21 Aug

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Etched Stainless Steel

Text and Logo is etched (engraved) into metal (in this case shiny finish stainless steel). The etched colour is due to removal of the surface metal to expose the metal beneath. As the metal beneath is the same but no longer mirror finished, its matt texture gives it its whitish colour in contrast to the shiny background.

Colour Fill

WApartment Unit Number Letter Box Taghere the customer needs colours in the tag or sign, it is possible to etch deeper and then fill colours into the grooves. For the tag with numbers, hairlined stainless steel was used. The tag was used as to show the apartment unit number on a letterbox.

Stainless Steel Cut & EtchCut Through

Going yet deeper into the metal we will in effect cut through the metal. The stainless steel bookmark example is to show a mix of etch & cut through.

Other areas of usage other than shown in the samples, includes control panels, plaques & trophies, gift labels etc


epoxy coated full colour

9 Jul

Custom shape cut
Custom full colour print
Epoxy (bubble) coat
Wide variety of sizes
Can be used in tags, badge, signage, labels, photo display etc
or as part of other products such as on trophy, hardcover book or folder etc