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Engrave Mechanical Pencil

3 Dec
Engrave Logo

Engrave Logo


Desktop Holder

28 Dec

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a) placing namecards,
b) incoming letters and notes holder,
c) desktop sign/display or
d) paper weight
Made from acrylic, text and logo are engraved.
namecard & letter holder



28 Dec

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Thumbdrives and generally other corporate gift items are on quotation basis. Prices generally depend on the order quantity, specifications and needs of the customer.

Thumbdrives here shown with logo printed

1GB Thumbdrive

Other than coming to us with a product in mind, you can also give us a budget, required quantity, deadline, type of event and target recipient and we will recomend the best fit for you.

Door Sign

27 Nov

The signs are laser engraved and cut in other shapes and sizes and have a range of colours to chose from

The content can be a room name, title or whatever you like.

The material is actually 2 layers of plastic. Each layer has its own colour. The upper layer when engrave lets the lower layer appear.  Text, symbols and logos can be engraved. Text can be engraved with a wide variety of fonts.

The 1st example has a sliding bar below for easy changing of the tag. It can also be used as an indicator bar, for example in or out, occupied or available.

The sign in its most basic form will be like in the 2nd photo. Most of the time, customers chose to simply choose to stick it onto the door.

Can also be used for wall signs and tags

Engraved Handle for Glass Door

21 Nov

Customer’s Pre-existing Double Panel Glass Door Fitted with Custom Cut and Engraved Stainless Steel Handle using Customer’s Logo.

Glass Door Handle

namecard holder

27 Jul


9 Jul

Aroma diffuser

various scents available

personalisation with tags, sticker labels etc