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Engrave on Perfume Bottle

20 Jan

Engrave on


Direct Individualized Full Colour Print on Objects or Signs

20 Jan

We have the ability to print directly onto objects with a flat surface in full colour and even on single piece basis. In other words, you can bring your own item to be printed onto!


Above examples starting from top left:

Stainless steel plate printed to serve as a wall plaque – with white also being printed

Writing Notebook printed with customer’s design

Box printed with individualized logo without white being printed.

For the last picture the items are power banks. On 1 side the logo of the gifting Company (Google) is printed. On the other side, each item is personalized with the logo of the receiving company.

Prints were done directly onto the object and is possible to print up to photo quality

Depending on the quality of the original artwork and the material/finishing of the object clarity can be very high. As an example, in the photograph below, we zoom in on the “TM” of the logo which is barely over 1mm wide.

Direct Print Clarity







The print can be printed in embossed form as shown below.

Flat vs Embossed Direct Print on Object










This printing method has the ability to print a white base. In other words, the method can be used to print on clear, transparent or dark surfaces. Printing on clear and transparent surfaces without the white base will produce a see through look.

Engrave on Zippo Lighter

20 Jan

Engrave Chinese Text (logo) on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)


Engrave Text on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)

Engrave Text on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)

Engrave Mechanical Pencil

3 Dec
Engrave Logo

Engrave Logo

Transparent Plaque – Heart

21 Jan

Click on image for larger view, and click browser return button to return here.Trans Heart Plaque

(Suitable for personal or business use depending on shape and images used)

Acrylic Plaque with Transparent Print Sandwiched Inside.

Engraved with text and designs.

Standard designs are shown as A to F, each design has option 1 or 2 for direction faced. Designs can be omitted.

Text can be in place of designs or on the vertical body.

Text engraved on base (black portion, horizontal) can be an add-on.

Logos can be an add-on.

Custom designs can be an add-on.

Custom shape of plaque can be an add-on.


Desktop Holder

28 Dec

Click image for larger view. Click return button on browser to return here.
a) placing namecards,
b) incoming letters and notes holder,
c) desktop sign/display or
d) paper weight
Made from acrylic, text and logo are engraved.
namecard & letter holder



28 Dec

Click on image for larger view, and click browser return button to return here.

Thumbdrives and generally other corporate gift items are on quotation basis. Prices generally depend on the order quantity, specifications and needs of the customer.

Thumbdrives here shown with logo printed

1GB Thumbdrive

Other than coming to us with a product in mind, you can also give us a budget, required quantity, deadline, type of event and target recipient and we will recomend the best fit for you.

Custom Printed Poker Cards

24 Nov

Click on image for larger view, and click browser return button to return here.

Poker Cards can be printed with various options

A4a) Number of custom images 1 (on back), 15 (on back and on face by card number – eg all ace 1 image)  & 55 (every face different and 1 for back)

b) standard plastic box or a customised box

c) single or small numbers are a mini size playable deck . Large orders can be standard sized.

The poker cards can be played, or you can chose to frame them up as a more unqiue & interesting way to display your photos.

Where your intent is to have them framed up, it is not necessary to order a complete deck if you do not have all the images needed.

Hot Stamp Ribbon

24 Nov

Ribbons Hot Stamp with Metallic Gold Colour


Colour fill acrylic

2 Oct

Deep engrave acrylic and colour fill

Inlay Acryllic

2 Oct

Example of Custom Cut Acrylic Fitted into one another

Can be used in a wide variety of applications such as keychain, tags, signs, displays etc

Size can be scaled from a small tag to a large sign

Options such as lights etc can be added

namecard holder

27 Jul


9 Jul

Aroma diffuser

various scents available

personalisation with tags, sticker labels etc