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Mark on Watch Back

20 Jan

Mark on Watch Back


Enhancement of Article or Certificate for Display Purposes

20 Jan


Certificates and articles may have flaws in the print copy such as discoloration, “dirt” etc. Articles may not be laid out nicely for printing in the typical rectangular format that most will like to display it in. Here are some examples of how we may help you.


Example of Redone Text and Photo Touch up


News Header & Whiten



















This services involves us acting as your agent to help you adjust art work to aid  you in display of the art work. You MUST be authorized or the owner of the art. Real content such as name on certificate, information inside the article etc must be originally on it. We will NOT change the real content in any certificate or article unless you are able to furnish adequate evidence to clearly justify that change.



You may like to print these art as plaques for display purposes, please click here.



Engrave on Perfume Bottle

20 Jan

Engrave on

Direct Individualized Full Colour Print on Objects or Signs

20 Jan

We have the ability to print directly onto objects with a flat surface in full colour and even on single piece basis. In other words, you can bring your own item to be printed onto!


Above examples starting from top left:

Stainless steel plate printed to serve as a wall plaque – with white also being printed

Writing Notebook printed with customer’s design

Box printed with individualized logo without white being printed.

For the last picture the items are power banks. On 1 side the logo of the gifting Company (Google) is printed. On the other side, each item is personalized with the logo of the receiving company.

Prints were done directly onto the object and is possible to print up to photo quality

Depending on the quality of the original artwork and the material/finishing of the object clarity can be very high. As an example, in the photograph below, we zoom in on the “TM” of the logo which is barely over 1mm wide.

Direct Print Clarity







The print can be printed in embossed form as shown below.

Flat vs Embossed Direct Print on Object










This printing method has the ability to print a white base. In other words, the method can be used to print on clear, transparent or dark surfaces. Printing on clear and transparent surfaces without the white base will produce a see through look.

Event On Site Engraving

20 Jan
Engraving Services at Your Location

Engraving Services at Your Location

Engrave on Zippo Lighter

20 Jan

Engrave Chinese Text (logo) on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)


Engrave Text on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)

Engrave Text on Zippo Lighter (anodized metal surface)