Rotating Engraving

13 Aug

Rotating Engrave

This particular example makes use of a rotating mechanism that allows the engraving to follow the rounded shape of the glass from left to right. What this means is that a larger area (left to right) is engraveable.  However, we can only rotate along 1 axis (left to right), so the increase in size is also in the same direction.  This is perfectly fine for cylindrical or near cylindrical shapes such as the engraved area on the glass shown. However, if the shape is that of a ball where it curves not only left to right but top to bottom as well, we cannot reach the top and bottom areas. Using a world globe as an example, we will be able to engrave along 1 circle, say for example along the equator of the globe. But the further away from the equator, the less likely we would be able to engrave on it.


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