2 May

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Click for full size (note image resolution was reduced for internet post, actual item has far greater clarity)

A mosaic consist of smaller images to form a large image. It may be a compilation of photo snapshots of shared memories, of people in an organisation, of products under a company’s umbrella etc.

Physically this can take the form of posters, banners, wall paper, tiles, murals and a variety of other visual displays. The sample above was printed as A1 (841 x 594 mm) poster and framed.

The left image attempts to show what it might look like from a few meters away, and the right image is a zoomed in view of the red boxed area on the left image. It shows what it looks like up close.

The best cost, image quantity and overall quality balance is at around 100 images as input.  It is best that the input images are varied in general colour and brightness for best overall results.

We generally assume free play to crop the input images in the mosaic creation process.

Please talk to us for more details.


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