Graphic Effects

26 Nov

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4 Girls in Caps – Comic Effect:  Add a dash of fun to a normal photo

Sunglass Beauty – Dramatic Effect: Customer’s original photo was a low resolution handphone photo which was grainy. The photo was brightened and the background de-emphasized. After which colour adjustments were done to emphasize the girl. Special effects and cropping was done to complete a dramatic look. A final personal touch was added a signature-like name. This particular piece of art work was used to create a panel that can be seen here:  panel

Rainbow Girl –  Gradient Wash Effect:  From a simple photo an artistic result can be obtained which is great for wall displays, cover, album page etc.  Example of this effect done as a gallery wrap can be seen by clicking here

Impressionist Chart – Quick & Easy Effects: A chart of various standard effects.

Soldier – Face Insertion: This example is purely for illustrative purposes only, the scene is not available for use. The customer have to bring their own authorized or free for use pictures for this. Its important to note that the general angle of the face in scene and  the subject’s face should be approximately the same.


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