Acrylic Panel Photo, Sign or Plaque

19 Nov

The panel can be made as various shapes and sizes. They can be used for a wide range of purposes

The example below of the beautiful girl in sunglasses, is table top standing and the one on the right is if mounted on a wall.

Acrylic Panel PhotoWall mounted version can also be made into multiple panel where the picture can be

a) 1 picture split across multiple panels

b) different pictures on different panels

c) same picture but different variations of it on different panels similar to the Andy Warhol type of artistic works

This item can be used for many different purposes depending on content printed in it, such as award/certificate plaque, indoor sign, interior decoration, gift item etc


The example above also included artistic works to modify a hand phone captured photo.More information on the designing process can be found here :  Art

Indoor sign with spacer screw:

indoor acrylic sign wall mount

Indoor sign without spacer screw:

IMG_3370 copy


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