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Display of Figurines, Action Figures and other Collectables

24 Aug

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IMG_3382 IMG_3390 IMG_3393





Etch, Cut, Colour Fill, Plate Metal

21 Aug

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Etched Stainless Steel

Text and Logo is etched (engraved) into metal (in this case shiny finish stainless steel). The etched colour is due to removal of the surface metal to expose the metal beneath. As the metal beneath is the same but no longer mirror finished, its matt texture gives it its whitish colour in contrast to the shiny background.

Colour Fill

WApartment Unit Number Letter Box Taghere the customer needs colours in the tag or sign, it is possible to etch deeper and then fill colours into the grooves. For the tag with numbers, hairlined stainless steel was used. The tag was used as to show the apartment unit number on a letterbox.

Stainless Steel Cut & EtchCut Through

Going yet deeper into the metal we will in effect cut through the metal. The stainless steel bookmark example is to show a mix of etch & cut through.

Other areas of usage other than shown in the samples, includes control panels, plaques & trophies, gift labels etc


Mark Lava Lamp

17 Aug

Engrave on paint coated aluminium base of lava lamp

and stain black

CD DVD Direct Printing

16 Aug

Digital Colour Separation Print

UV Ink

Direct Printing onto CD or DVD

Mini Standee and Plastic Strip Wobbler

15 Aug

Pen Packaging

1 Aug


1 Aug

If logo on the metal finishing,  we will use laser chemical marking (a bonding activated by laser is used to mark in black). But this does not work on chrome. If the logo on the non-metal or anodised parts etc, then laser engrave, colour will be whatever colour is beneath the surface layer.