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Mark on Stainless Steel

26 Jun

Cocktail Shakerknife

Above we used a chemcial bonding process to mark the stainless steel items, using a chemical compound and a laser. The mark is much stronger than normal printing. It requires abrasive actions such as grinding to remove the mark.  We have tested a sample by soaking in turpentine and in thinner with no effect on the mark. A micro-torch was also used to burn the mark directly for a short while with no effect on the mark.

Below is directly laser marking on the stainless steel without a chemical bonding agent. Its a reaction of the metal itself to laser. It requires a test for the suitability of the metal. Even if the item is stainless steel it still needs to be tested as there are a variety of stainless steel. The mark can only be removed if you remove a layer of the steel by grinding away the steel.

laser engrave stainless steel

laser engrave stainless steel


Baseball Cap

13 Jun

Actual will be white in colour

Medals n Others

11 Jun